Truex Studio
Artist's Statement

A central theme you may see throughout my work involves women, children, animals and their space in our society.  I have a special affinity with the roles of women in our lives, in both practice and symbolism.

My husband and I moved to a three acre, wooded lot in the country and this proximity to wildlife and farm stock have given me a closeness to what may be a vanishing rural landscape.  My impressions from living closer to the earth are a great part of my visual dialogue.

I approached the majority of paintings with a specific manipulation of the oil paint, which allows me to start with very thin applications, much like a watercolor wash.  The paint is thinned with mineral spirits and applied to a vertical canvas and manipulated and allowed to run like threads across the white mount.  This process, which can also be performed horizontally, with “drips and pours”, creates a network of visual textures which I use as a springboard to the next step.

The subject is applied over the dried background and further manipulated with thin applications of paint and mediums, called glazes.  These layers are semi-transparent, like colored sheets of glass and the repeated addition of color layers creates a luminosity and depth.  More opaque color is sometimes applied to areas to obscure the under painting and bring it forward or the form is integrated with the background.  I choose this style because of the variety of visual textures it creates, which I feel work well with the broken approaches to form.  It enables the subject to separate itself and also remain a part of the whole.

Susan Blair Truex